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The Best Taste from Our Pacific West Coast Seafood Supply

You can taste the difference with wholesale seafood supply from Lions Gate Fisheries. You can increase your sales, boost your profit margin, and offer your customers the most satisfying seafood from British Columbia’s West Coast all year round.

Deliver the Pacific seafood in demand, such as wild Pacific salmon, and your satisfied customers will become your best marketing tool. They’ll come back for more great taste and consistent freshness – and they’ll tell their friends too.

Consistent & Tough Quality Control

Keep your bases covered by trusting our experience. We’ve been fishing right here in our Pacific West Coast backyard for more than 75 years and know that quality taste comes from careful quality control at every step of the process, from catch to table. Lions Gate Fisheries’ internal quality control checklists and processes exceed accepted Canadian industry standards. We maintain detailed records going back at least six months on every batch item we produce.


International Certification for Food Safety

Trust our certification. Lions Gate Fisheries is certified as a seafood distributor by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) . That means we’re internationally established as a leader in quality food safety and processing practices.

Contact our team for more information about our safety practices and to order our seafood products.

Your Source for Pacific West Coast Seafood

Set up a Lions Gate Fisheries account today and start buying.

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