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Pacific BC Salmon

Wild Salmon from a Vancouver Area Fishery

The wild Pacific salmon you eat is one of five species found in the North Pacific Ocean off the West Coast of British Columbia. Lions Gate Fisheries processes and distributes all five for our local and international clients.

Learn more about all five species by following the links:

Sockeye Salmon

Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka)

The sockeye salmon is also known in the USA as red salmon. Unlike most other salmon species, sockeye feed only on plankton.

Sockeye range in size from 2 pounds (almost 1 kilogram) to 9 pounds (about 4 kilograms), with very few sockeye over 9 pounds. Available fresh in wholesale quantities from late June to September, the sockeye’s firm, deep red flesh has good oil/fat content, making it excellent for sushi or sashimi, steaks, fillets, canning or smoked salmon products.

Chinook "Spring or King” Salmon

Chinook "Spring or King” Salmon
(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)


The Chinook salmon is also known as spring salmon in British Columbia, and in the USA as king or blackmouth salmon. Chinook are the largest of all wild Pacific salmon, ranging in size from about 4 pounds (1.829 kilograms) to 20 pounds (9.07 kilograms). It is caught on the west coast of Tofino. British Columbians use the term "tyee” for Chinook over 30 pounds.

Wholesale orders of wild salmon through our fishery are available year round. The Chinook’s colour is 25-29 of the Roche scale. It is great for portioning, filleting, grilling, frying or smoked salmon products.

Coho "Silver” Salmon

Coho "Silver” Salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch)

The coho salmon is also known in the USA as silver salmon. Wild coho commonly weigh between 2 and 11 pounds (1 and 5 kilograms). Available fresh from early July through October, coho are regulated as a conservation species and harvesting of the fish is restricted. Coho’s fine-textured, deep orange to red flesh is excellent for sushi, sashimi, fillets and any cooking method.

Chum Salmon

Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta)

The chum salmon is also known as summer chum, silverbright chum, semi-bright chum and dark chum depending on where and when it’s caught. In the USA, it is known as dog, keta, or calico salmon. Chum weigh anywhere from 4 to 16 pounds (2.5 to about 8 kilograms) and are available fresh from late June through late October. Chum’s firm, deep red to bright pink flesh is low in saturated fat and is great for steaks, fillets, canning and processed salmon products such as salmon patties or burgers.

Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha)

Pink salmon is also known in the USA as humpback salmon or "humpies.” Pink are the smallest of the Pacific salmon species, with an average weight from 2 pounds (just under 1 kilogram) to about 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms); a very limited number reach about 6.5 pounds (3 kilograms). Available from late June through September, this delicate, light pink-fleshed fish is excellent for steaks, fillets and canning.

Buy MSC certified and Ocean Wise Recommended salmon from a fishery affiliated with HACCP Food Safety. Request a quote from Lions Gate Fisheries for the wholesale organic salmon you need.


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