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Sustainable Fishing & Quality Seafood from BCs West Coast

As a fishery certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd. works each day to uphold the environmental standards that MSC expects. Our wholesale seafood company meets the MSC core principles by:

Sustaining the fish stocks we exploit

Maintaining the British Columbia Pacific Coast ecosystem

Managing our fishery effectively and responsibly

Look for our MSC certification and Ocean Wise Recommended endorsement throughout our product pages and know you are supporting sustainable fishing practices by purchasing seafood from Lions Gate Fisheries.

Also learn more about our partner and supplier of organic, farm-raised salmon, Creative Salmon of Tofino, BC.

The Highest Quality Wholesale Seafood

Equal to sustainability, consumers want assurance that they are eating safe food of the highest quality available on the market. Lions Gate Fisheries supplies seafood wholesalers, food retailers and independent restaurateurs with products that are labelled to assure food safety.

The freshness and quality you receive with our seafood products are backed by our certification as a seafood distributor by Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points ( HACCP Food Safety ) and the Safe Quality Food ( SQF ) Program.

Your Source for Pacific West Coast Seafood

Set up a Lions Gate Fisheries account today and start buying.

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