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Caring for British Columbia’s Pacific West Coast Ecosystem

You benefit yourself and give your customers a taste they feel good about with Ocean Wise seafood from a wholesale supplier committed to environmental care. Lions Gate Fisheries provides seafood from environmentally sustainable sources.

For more than 75 years, we have learned firsthand about the impact fishing practices can have on our Pacific West Coast ecosystem and fishing species. Lions Gate Fisheries is dedicated caring for our environment and ensuring a positive future with sustainable practices, as now evident at our groundfish fishery in British Columbia .

Ocean Wise

Be Ocean Wise for a Sustainable Seafood Supply

Do your part with us. Lions Gate Fisheries, based in Vancouver, participates in the Vancouver Aquarium’s national Ocean Wise program. As a certified supplier of sustainably sourced seafood, our products are found at local, national and international wholesalers, retail merchants and outlets.

Your Source for Pacific West Coast Seafood

Set up a Lions Gate Fisheries account today and start buying.

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